2022 Checklist Items will be available in May 2022.

Wondering what you should be doing in order to prepare for your arrival to campus? Be sure to complete the following action items and review the rest of the New Students website to ensure you are as prepared as possible.

May 2022 Checklist


1. Submit your Room and Board Application via the WashU Pathway.
Adjustments can be made to the application until May 31st. 

2. Have your high school submit your final transcripts. 

3. Send your official ACT/SAT scores (if applicable). 

Establish Access

1. Activate your WUSTL Key 
Your WUSTL Key is the set of login credentials (login ID and password) you’ll use to access most WashU online services, including WebSTAC, email, course registration, housing, portals, and more.

  • WUSTL Key activation information is emailed to incoming students by the University Registrar, sent on a rolling basis starting in mid-April. 
  • WUSTL Key activation emails are delivered to the email address listed on your Common Application.  The email comes from <registrarwustlkey@email.wustl.edu> with the subject line: “Activate Your WashU WUSTL Key and Email.”   
  • If you did not receive your WUSTL Key activation email by June 1, contact the University Registrar at registrarwustlkey@email.wustl.edu. Please provide your full name and student ID number when you contact the University Registrar. 
  • If you already created your WUSTL Key but have forgotten it, you can retrieve your login ID and/or password through WUSTL Key Self-Service. 
  • If you did not create an alternate email and secret questions for WUSTL Key Self-Service you can contact Student Technology Services for assistance.   

2. Enroll in DUO two-factor authentication 
Because passwords are increasingly easy to hack, WashU uses “two-factor authentication” to add a layer of security to your account and information stored at WashU. Enroll with Duo Mobile so you can easily access email, Canvas, WebSTAC, and other University applications.  

    3. Activate your WashU email account
    All communication from the university will be sent here. Please check it regularly. 

    • Select the “Log in to Office 365” button. 
    • For support in accessing your WUSTL email, please contact Student Technology Services. 

    Prepare for Arrival

    1. In the WashU Pathway, complete your Enrollment Checklist items. 

    • Bear Beginnings Registration Form 
    • Disability Resources Accommodation Request Form (optional) 
    • Religious, Spiritual, and Ethical Life Information Request (optional) 

    2. Beginning in June, you will use this web page to access information about your Before You Arrive Checklist items. 

      June 2022 Checklist

      Establish Access

      Review and edit your WebSTAC User Profile. 

      • Select “Student Information” and “User Profile” on the top navigation panel. 
      • Ensure you have an updated Home address. 
      • Check that all of your contact information is correct, including any parent or family contacts you would like the University to be aware of. Only family email accounts included on your WebSTAC profile will receive university updates and announcements, including emergency notifications. You can add or update a family email address via the family email update form.
      • You can also add your preferred name so it can be reflected on your university records, including your student ID card.
        If you have a preferred name and will be attending FSAP, please update this at least 10 business days before your program start date to ensure your student ID card is correct. 
      • This is the portal where you will later access course registration, housing information, billing statements, and more. 


      1. Check your WashU email account several times a week for important messages from your academic division.
      You will receive details about course registration and connecting with your academic adviser. You may also be asked to fill out important forms. 

      2. Take any necessary online placement and diagnostic exams

      • Calculus and math 
      • Chemistry 
      • Computer science 
      • Dance  
      • Languages 
      • Music 
      • Writing 
      • We encourage you to complete the online placement and diagnostic exams prior to speaking with your academic adviser about fall course selection. When you take the exams, be sure to record your final scores and have them available when consulting with your adviser. 

      3. Connect with Disability Resources if you require accommodations due to an identified disability or have questions about specific disability-related concerns.

      4. Complete the Academic Integrity module. 

      Health & Wellness

      1. Learn about the medical, mental health, and health promotion resources available at WashU. 

      2. Learn about how to transfer mental health care to a St. Louis provider. 

      Prepare for Arrival

      July 2022 Checklist

      Establish Access

      1. Complete all steps to have your student ID created. 


      1. Check your WashU email account several times a week for important messages from your academic division.
      You will receive details about course registration and connecting with your academic adviser. You may also be asked to fill out important forms. 

      2. Register for classes during your assigned registration time. 

      • You must connect with your academic adviser and be approved to register before your assigned registration time. Your academic division will email you with information about how to connect with your adviser. 
      • Log on to WebSTAC and select “Courses & Registration” then “Registration” on the top navigation panel. 

      Health & Wellness

      1. Complete your Habif Health & Wellness Center requirements 
      Including health history, vaccination/immunization documentation, and health insurance waiver

      • Immunization Records: Due Thursday, July 15, 2021 
      • Health Insurance Waiver: Due September 5, 2021  

      2. Transfer your medical records and prescriptions to the Habif Health and Wellness Center and make arrangements for treatment. 

      3. Contact Habif if you will require a referral for ongoing specialist care while attending WashU.  

      Prepare for Arrival

      1. Check your housing assignment. 
      Log on to WebSTAC and select “Housing” and “WashU Housing Portal” on the top navigation panel. 

      2. Complete the New Student Background and Interest Form.

      August 2022 Checklist: Coming Soon