There are many opportunities to be involved in the new student transition as a student leader. Below are a number of opportunities to engage with the new student experience.

Apply to be a First Year Executive Board Member

The First Year Center Executive Board (FYX) helps to create, plan, and implement programs that aid new students and their parents & families in their academic, social, and personal transition to Washington University. Each FYX holds a specific chair position and works to implement our various programs.

Apply to be a WUSA

Washington University Student Associates (WUSAs – pronounced “woo-sas”) are upper-division student leaders who assist new students with their academic, social, and personal transition to Washington University. They serve as orientation leaders during Bear Beginnings and then they serve as peer mentors for the student’s entire first year. Their primary duties are to remind residents about academic deadlines, policies, and resources and to help build community among first-year or transfer and exchange student groups.

Apply to be a Second-Year Student Associate (2SA)

The 2SA position (Two-SAH), or Second-Year Student Associate, is a semester-long student leader role that focuses on engaging with and supporting second-year students with their academic and social activities at WashU.

Applications for 2021 have now closed.

Apply to be a Student Graphic Designer

The student graphic designer is a student employee hired by the First Year Center to imagine, design, and create publicity materials that aid the First Year Center in meeting its mission. The student graphic designer will work on design projects remotely while attending one to two meetings monthly with the First Year Center Coordinator and the student graphic design team.


Apply to be the 2021 Convocation Student Speaker

Convocation has become the defining event of Bear Beginnings for new students and their families. The speech given by a senior highlights each year’s event.

Please read through the application questions and requirements before beginning your application.