WUSA Picture Submission

Please upload a picture of yourself for our website. Please make sure to adhere to the following specifications as we want to maintain as much consistency as we can for our website:
• Use a color photo.
• Should include your full face or front view.
• Please be thoughtful about your background.
• Image should span from the top of your head to top of shoulders.
• You should be the only person in the picture.
• All hats or headgear should be removed for the photo except hats or head coverings worn for religious purposes.
• Your face should be fully visible. Please ensure no item or attire covers or otherwise obscures any part of your face or casts a shadow on your face.
• Avoid reflections from the eyeglasses that obscure your face.
• Be thoughtful about your attire. Please refrain from clothing items that have busy patterns or trademarked logos or phrases unless it’s WashU. We recommend a blank, solid colored shirt or a WashU shirt.

Maximum upload size: 51.2MB

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