Hey WUSAs! We hope that you have had a good first few weeks of classes. As WUSAs, you are responsible for hosting one off-campus event per semester. On this form, you will be able to indicate which off-campus program you would like to attend. Please fill this out as soon as possible so that we can make sure that we have tickets and transport for you and all of your students!

Please note: you may do more than one excursion if you would like to. Also, please only complete ONE submission PER COSA GROUP.

  • Balloon Glow
    • What: The Forest Park Balloon Glow is an annual event with food trucks, live music, fireworks, and hot air balloons! The ‘glow’ part of the event comes from the way that the hot air balloons are lit during the evening, causing them to glow like fireflies.
    • Where: Emerson Central Fields in Forest Park
    • When: Friday, September 17 from 6:00-9:15 pm
    • Other details: You will be asked to walk to this event; transport will not be provided. Please keep this in mind when advertising the event to your students.
  • Cardinals Game
    • What: A baseball game!
    • Where: Busch Stadium
    • When: Evening of September 28th
    • Other details: Tickets will be provided. You will take your students to the game via the MetroLink. Given that you will be seated for the majority of the event, this may be more accessibility-friendly than some of the other options.
  • Eckert’s Farm Excursion
    • What: A mid-day excursion to Eckert’s Family Farm where you will be able to pick your own apples!
    • Where: Eckert’s Farm in Belleville, IL
    • When: Mid October
    • Other details: Transport will be provided. Please also remind your students to bring some money if they would like to purchase apples or other goods at the farm store.
  • Garden Glow
    • What: A light display at the Missouri Botanical Garden with more than 1 million lights! Some of the most iconic and beautiful parts of the garden are lit up and transformed into a winter wonderland.
    • Where: Missouri Botanical Gardens
    • When: Late November
    • Other details: This event will also involve walking, and it may be cold! Make sure to remind your students to bring a jacket.
WUSA Fall 2021 Off-Campus Programming
Please check all events your floor/community will be attending:

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