Bearprints for Success: L43 1100

This one-credit, seven-week course is designed to help new students make a successful transition to WashU, both academically and personally. This course sets students on a path in which they will engage with academic readings, interactive activities, and empirically based strategies centered on the five core anchors of Student Affairs: Healthy Excellence; Leadership; Career Development; Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion; and Student Engagement & Belonging. The course also introduces the students to key academic success and learning strategies resources and support staff that will optimize their experiences at the university.

Each section of the course is limited to 15 students to ensure small-group discussion and engagement.

How to register

Students interested in taking Bearprints for Success should speak with their academic adviser before adding the course to their schedule.

Self-registration for Spring 2024 is now open. If you are have any questions about enrolling in Bearprints for Success for short course A (January 14-February 29), please contact Lauren McCoy (

McKelvey students should consider taking E60 120 First-Year Foundations for McKelvey Engineers. This nine-week course, facilitated by McKelvey academic advisers, is an opportunity for first-year students in McKelvey Engineering to explore what it means to be an engineering student. This course is interactive and introduces students to the Engineering Grand Challenges of the 21st century, to McKelvey Engineering departments and majors, and to a variety of engineering professions.