Students interested in taking calculus, chemistry, computer science, dance, languages, music, and writing at WashU may be required to take placement exams. Most of these exams can, and should, be taken online during the summer prior to speaking with your academic advisor. 

Taking Placement Exams

More information about placement exams is available on the College of Arts & Sciences Registration 101. If you are a student in McKelvey School of Engineering, Olin Business School, or Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, you take the same placement exams but the other information on College of Arts & Sciences Registration 101 is not relevant for your fall 2024 course registration.

Placement Testing Accommodations for Disabled Students

Students who need testing accommodations on placement exams due to a disability must submit their request to Disability Resources by completing a New Student Application, along with any necessary documentation. When accommodations are supported, Disability Resources will generate a verification letter students may provide the placement test coordinator.