WashU Policies

Make informed decisions by reviewing WashU’s policies.

WashU tries to keep its policies to a minimum, to give students freedom as young adults. At the same time, university life is complicated and full of choices—it involves academics, recreation, health, and more. It seems daunting to learn everything about the whole university in a few days of at the beginning of the school year.

To address this, Student Conduct & Community Standards, Campus Life, Student Transitions & Family Programs, and other campus offices collaborated to create a year-long campaign about informed decision-making.

Student Conduct Code

The Student Conduct Code covers all student conduct issues from alcohol to cheating.  You can read the entire code on the WashU Policies website.

Undergraduate Student Academic Integrity Policy

The Undergraduate Student Academic Integrity Policy covers all student academic dishonesty issues such as plagiarism, cheating on an exam, or other inappropriate collaboration. For more information about academic integrity, please see the Academic Integrity section of the Student Conduct & Community Standards website. You can read the entire code on the WashU Policies website.