Requesting Academic Accommodations

Request academic accommodations from Disability Resources.

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Disability Resources (DR) is the official resource for students on the Danforth Campus who have disabilities or suspected disabilities. DR is dedicated to ensuring that every student with a disability will have equal access to our campus and academic programs whether they are an undergraduate, graduate, professional, or continuing education student. We assist students individually by providing guidance and determining reasonable accommodations to remove barriers to access.

In addition to working with students, DR actively partners with faculty and staff from the entire campus community to implement accommodations in their courses and programs. We welcome our WashU colleagues to contact us with any questions regarding the provision of disability accommodations for their students.


Students must submit a formal request for accommodations to Disability Resources (DR). Students who have not requested accommodations from DR in the past should submit the New Student Intake Form and upload documentation of disability with this form.

If you do not have access to your documentation at the time that you submit the form we can also accept documentation through mail, email or fax. If you choose to submit documentation through one of these alternate means please keep in mind that your request will not be considered complete until we receive both your form submission and documentation. If you have questions about the type of information we look for in documentation please see Documentation Guidelines.

For first year/transfer students: we are not able to fully process accommodation requests until after the student has been assigned a student ID number and have a WUSTL Key. Student ID numbers and WUSTL Keys are always assigned well in advance of the coming semester so the timing of ID and WUSTL Key assignment will not impact students’ ability to have accommodations in place before classes begin.

Once a student’s submission is received, Disability Resources will begin its review and will follow up with the student accordingly. Sometimes determinations are able to be confirmed with just this review, but at times it is necessary to communicate directly with the student to better understand the student’s experience and access needs. When this is necessary, DR will generally email an invitation to schedule a conversation, so please be sure to monitor your WashU email address.