Bear Facts

You will receive a copy of Bear Facts to your permanent address around the first week of June. If you are attending Summer Start, you will receive your copy when you arrive to campus. Bear Facts will serve as your guide to anything and everything you need to know prior to arriving to campus in August.

Transfer and exchange students, New Bearings: A guide for transfer and exchange students, is available for you to supplement Bear Facts.

‘Starting School As…’ Articles

Each student arrived to WashU with a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences, and we know the same is true for you as well. These experiences influenced our expectations about starting school at WashU. We wanted to share some of our reflections and the reflections of our peers with you as you prepare to arrive on campus. We hope these stories will help you frame your own expectations and alleviate some of the nervousness you may be feeling. Each of these stories was written by a student here at WashU. Enjoy! – The First Year Center Student Executive Board