Banking Options

On and Off-Campus Banking Options.

While it may be easier to maintain a relationship with the bank you use at home, many students find that it works in their favor to have an account with a local bank.


Bank of America has a full-service branch located right on campus, in the upper level of Mallinckrodt Center. In addition, Bank of America ATMs are located on campus.


In addition to Bank of America, which is on campus, several other banks are conveniently located:

  • Citizens National Bank of Greater St. Louis
    7305 Manchester Road
  • Commerce Bank
    6630 Delmar Blvd., 8000 Forsyth Blvd., 7910 Clayton Road, and 6383 Clayton Road
  • US Bank
    10 N. Hanley Road

We encourage you to shop for the bank that most closely meets your needs.