Housing application information will be available in Early Spring 2022.

  1. Rank your preferred rooming options
    Following admission, students will complete their housing application through their WashU Pathways account. The application will give students the opportunity to rank their preferred rooming options, describe their living habits, and select a meal plan. The application should be completed by May 1st.
  2. Housing Information posted in WebSTAC
    Your housing information will be posted to the Campus Housing tab in WebSTAC August 1. Information will include your housing assignment, mailing address, and any available contact information we would have for your roommate(s).
  3. Explore Our Residential Colleges

Housing Application Process

This process provides each individual student with important information about the first-year application and payment process, including:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Application for housing
  • Housing Rates

Completing the online version of the Room and Board Application will become a permanent part of your WebSTAC account.

Step 1: Read the Terms & Conditions

  1. Thoroughly read and familiarize yourself with the presented Terms and Conditions. This housing application is a binding contract and the Terms and Conditions outline all rules and regulations of Washington University Residential Life housing.
  2. After reading, select the check box at the end of the document to signify that you have read and agree to the rules and regulations outlined by the Terms and Conditions.
  3. When complete, click on the “continue” button to advance to the application page.

Step 2: Create Your Application

This section has four different steps:

  1. Student Information (demographic information)
  2. Campus Options (meal plan, South 40 Fitness Center, and Campus Card options)
  3. Room Charges & Preferences (personal and room preference selection)
  4. Review and Submit (review of application with rules and submission)

Step 3: Submit Your Student Information

  • Entry status: Select your current housing status (new students are ‘Incoming First-Years’).
  • Gender: Please select the gender with which you identify.  Then indicate whether or not you would like to be assigned to a Gender Inclusive room or suite.  If you request this option, you will be assigned a bedroom or suite only with other students who also requested this.  These students may or may not identify their gender in the same way you do, or hold the same gender identity as you.
  • Contact phone number: Please enter your cell phone number.
  • Special Housing Accommodations: Please indicate if you are submitting information that could affect your housing assignment.  Learn More.
  • Email Address:  Verify or correct your address.
  • Select ‘continue’ to advance to the next step.

Step 4: Review Meal Plan Options

  • Meal plan options: Select a meal plan from the options. All students are required to have a meal plan. The plan you select will be added to your Washington University ID Card. You will also be asked if you intend to seek dining accommodations because of a food allergy, food intolerance or other related disability.
  • Bear Bucks Account:  Indicate if you want to activate your Bear Bucks Account.  If so, you will be asked to indicate what amount you want placed in your Campus Card Account.
  • Select ‘continue’ to advance to the next step.

Step 5: Review Room Charges & Preferences

  1. Room charges and preferences: Rank your preferences for housing, with ‘1’ being your top choice.  Some of our traditional buildings are in a suite configuration.  Please indicate if you would prefer this option, if offered a traditional room.
  2. Personal preferences: Select the answer that is most accurate with your living habits.
  3. Healthy Living:  Indicate whether you would like a placement in one of the Healthy Living Areas. Please note that Healthy Living assignments are available in both modern and traditional halls.
  4. Mutual Roommate (optional):  Roommate requests must be mutual.  Please list their full name (no nicknames, please) and their email address that they used through their WUSTL Pathway.
  5. Comments:  This is your opportunity to tell us a little more about yourself.  Please note that your comments do become part of your permanent record.

Select ‘continue’ to advance to the next step.

Step 6: Review and Submit Your Application

  1. Dates of occupancy, room charges, room assignments: Read through each section and make sure you fully understand the Terms and Conditions. This contract cannot be cancelled without a financial penalty.
  2. Application Fee: If you are not a recipient of financial aid, check the box indicating that you are aware that the application does not become a contract until the Application Fee is received.  The fee should be sent along with the Enrollment Form.
  3. Declaration of intent: Read carefully through this section and check the box to agree to all outlined statements.
  4. Cancellation: Check the box to indicate that you understand that the contract cannot be cancelled without a financial penalty.
  5. Review/print application: IF YOU ARE 18 AND OVER: Click to review your application. Carefully read through every item to ensure that answers are correct. After submitting, you may change the preferences you indicated on your application through the end of May. IF YOU ARE UNDER 18: After reviewing your application and ensuring that answers are correct, select ‘signature’. A parent/guardian must then print their name and draw their signature in the window provided.
  6. After reviewing, click ‘submit application’ to submit.