When my friends started deciding where to go to college, many of them wanted to get as far away from Milwaukee as they could. That meant they would be traveling to the East and West Coasts, The South, and even to other countries. So in comparison, my six-hour drive to St. Louis to begin my college experience didn’t seem all that significant. How could I be embarking on a life-changing journey, if I was only a car ride away from home? Before arriving on campus, I knew very little about the activities and experiences the city of St. Louis has to offer. I soon realized that I had traveled to a completely new environment that would allow me to experience just as much, or more, than my friends who had traveled much further than I. Not long after arriving in St. Louis I experienced a Balloon Glow, the start of a hot air balloon race, and I enjoyed Pappy’s BBQ, some of the best BBQ you will ever eat. These St. Louis traditions are now some of my favorite things to do.

Going to school in the same region of the country as where I grew up has given me the best of both worlds. Not only am I close enough to home that I can travel to and from school with relative ease, but also I’m far enough away to feel independent. Being from the Midwest, you are accustomed to the cold of winter, and snow is part of your normal routine. This will most likely come in handy when assisting your fellow students who may not have ever seen snow before, or who don’t own a winter jacket. (Shocking I know, but such people do exist.) Regardless of where in the Midwest you grew up, St. Louis offers new and exciting experiences. I’m positive you will have fun and make lifelong memories amidst that familiar Midwestern hospitality.