The 2SA position (Two-SAH) is a student leader role hired by WashU’s Student Transitions & Family Programs (STFP) that focuses on engaging with and supporting sophomore students with their social belonging and academics at WashU.

All 2SA applicants:

  • Exhibit:
    • Leadership potential and initiative 
    • A strong commitment to the 2SA program
    • Respect for the values of the University and Student Transitions & Family Programs
    • A strong commitment to becoming informed and knowledgeable about the University’s academic policies, procedures, deadlines, and various advising systems 
    • Strong interpersonal and group presentation skills
  • Possess a genuine concern for others
  • Have an open mind and a positive attitude
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with a diverse group of people including students, parents, faculty, and staff
  • Exemplify these core attributes:
    • Approachable, dependable, dedicated, knowledgeable, respectful, empathetic, skilled at conflict-resolution management, adept at communication, and positive role modeling skills
2SA Nomination Form

2SA Nomination Form

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